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Winter Scratchcard


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Free Winter Scratchcard

Play Winneroo's free Winter Scratchcard for the chance to win up to £50 John Lewis voucher or £20 Primark Voucher every 6 hours. What's more, you can win Bingorella bingo and slots bonuses and Winneroo points with every card.

Winneroo's free Winter Scratchcard is the only online and mobile scratchcard you can play for free every 6 hours. Simply scratch off all nine squares revealing symbols underneath. Match three symbols to win a prize!

Wouldn't you love to get your Winter Shopping done with £50 free John Lewis spending money or use the £20 Primark Voucher we have up for grabs to buy something you've always wanted? Maybe you can if you play Winneroo's free Winter Scratchcard regularly!

We've had hundreds of winners with our legendary regular free Scratchcard, and our Winter Scratchcard promises to be a huge hit too so start scratching and you could be the next winner!

Don't forget Winneroo is totally free to play without any strings attached, and there's a new Winter Scratchcard to play every 6 hours.

* Our General Terms and Conditions and Seasonal Scratchcard Terms and Conditions apply.

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