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Winneroo All Stars

Have you got what it takes to become one of this month's Winneroo All Stars?

We reward the top 10 Winneroo players with points and prizes every month!

It's this simple: the player who earns the most points from entering competitions and playing our games will win a £25 shopping voucher every month!

Which points are counted:

  • Points won/earned from entering competitions
  • Points won/earned from playing our games

Prizes each month:

  • 1st: £25 Shopping Voucher
  • 2nd: £10 Shopping Voucher
  • 3rd: £5 Shopping Voucher
  • 4th: 100 Points
  • 5th: 75 Points
  • 6th: 50 Points
  • 7th: 40 Points
  • 8th: 30 Points
  • 9th: 20 Points
  • 10th: 10 Points

Please note that points earned from inviting friends to Winneroo are not included, this is solely based on how active you are at Winneroo.

Also, points earned in the previous month's All Stars will not count towards the leaderboard.

Everybody has the exact same chance to get onto the leaderboard each month so what are you waiting for? Play now!

* Our General Terms and Conditions and All Stars Terms and Conditions apply.

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